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Blender Reviews and Shopping Guide

Glass blender jars are extremely strong, and will endure various temperatures, and are dishwasher friendly. The greater power in the motor, the higher strength is delivered to the turning blades and so the less difficult and quicker it will be to blend many tough ingredients.

How to Maintain a Blender

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Learning how to choose a blender does not guarantee the lasting quality of your blender. To maximize its life-span, check out these handy hints on how to maintain your blender in tip-top condition. Always clean the pitcher after using it. Just press the ‘pulse’ feature after adding a squirt of washing liquid and water that [...]

Blenders are able to perform the job of several different kitchen tools for example a juicer. Price and features vary with the design. Something to contemplate when picking a new blender will be the blender jar's size and material.

At the same time search for additional features that will be beneficial for you. The base of your usual blender is often constructed from metal or plastic. Buy a model with a stable body to prevent it bouncing on the counter-top while working.




If you already know your main role for your blender, you're able to narrow down your choices. You may find single serve models that can be nice if you're staying on your own, but certainly not what you would like if you're planning to make smoothies for the family.

How much money you are able to pay for the blender might also affect the kind of blender you'll get. Nowadays, blenders might be multi function and really sophisticated, and they're used for numerous tasks in the kitchen. High speed blenders will create the creamiest drinks. Commonly high speed units are very hard wearing.